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GSG Law Funding


Clients and prospective clients of GSG Law are looking for and rightly expect a choice of more than just the traditional hourly rate offering from their Solicitor.


Whilst an hourly rate offering is necessary for certain types of work or legal requirements, we offer an additional range of innovative and transparent charging structures, which are flexible to both our clients’ financial and legal requirements.

See below for our pricing options and packages.





Our all-inclusive package. Whether a client with an ongoing requirement for legal support or facing a single piece of protracted litigation, the security of fixed monthly charges allows our clients to budget – with GSG Law sharing the costs fluctuations each month. In addition to debt recovery, HR, employment and full-service corporate packages, we offer competitive bespoke MLS packages for all situations.



The a la carte choice for specific legal documentation where both the need for and the corresponding price of the documentation is set in stone. Whether required as a bolt-on to other legal requirements (or charging structures) or as a stand alone instruction, our fixed fee option ensures available legal recourse whatever your budget or the value of your instruction.



We offer increasingly reduced hourly rates in return for clients purchasing “blocks” of between 5 and 50 hours of legal advice time. This option is most suited to situations where either a one-off but extended legal requirement exists or where an ongoing requirement for legal support might be needed and the discounted “block” used over time. “Blocks” can be purchased at hourly rate discounts of up to £80 per hour and the credit used as and when a client’s legal requirements dictate.



Still appropriate for the client with a one-off requirement for bespoke legal advice. Whether relating to a single consultation to advise on the client’s rights and entitlements or full representation to resolve an issue, the expected legal requirement is likely to be short-lived and rare. Hourly rate charging offers pay as you go legal support without any ongoing commitment.

Ms Guney hourly rate: £400

Ms Akarcay hourly rate: £350

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