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The GSG Law team has undertaken many high-profile extradition cases. If you believe you will be, or are, the subject of an extradition request, then please get in touch with us.


Facing extradition can be an extremely stressful time and the GSG Legal team will negotiate you through the Court process with care and tenacity.


Time limits are very important and short in extradition proceedings and it is very important that time limits are adhered to.  If you require urgent advice on appeal then please do not hesitate to contact us.


If you believe that you may be subject to an extradition request and would prefer to arrange a voluntary surrender with the Metropolitan Police Extradition Squad at a time that is convenient rather than be arrested, then we can also organise this for you.  We offer realistic and experienced advice on the prospects of bail and what is required to obtain bail within extradition proceedings.


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